It’s possible that your lower back pain wasn’t caused by a sports injury, or by lifting your 40-pound child. It could be instead that the culprit of your back pain lurks at your work desk each and every day. Lower back pain is a common complaint among office workers and finding a chiropractor near you for adjustments or spinal decompression therapy might just do the trick.

Your chair matters

Any chiropractor near you will tell you that the chair you sit in each day really matters when it comes to the health of your lower back. Lumbar support, a high backrest, adjustable headrests, armrests, and height can all help to alleviate lower back pain caused by sitting in your office chair. There are chairs on the market designed especially for professionals who suffer from back pain and a quick internet search will return many of the best ones available. 

Check the ergonomics of your desk

Ergonomics is the science behind making workers more efficient. Design ergonomics can be applied to your office space and includes the positioning of items that you use for optimal performance. The placement of computers, phones, mice and keypads, and any other office equipment within reach can be placed in such a way that its position decreases pressure on the lower back.   

Move, and move often

Office workers sit in their office chairs at their desks for eight hours each day, on average. This sedentary lifestyle can give rise to health problems even beyond lower back pain. Experts recommend that you leave your chair and move around your office every 30 minutes of your workday to reduce the strain on your lower back and the effect of a sedentary working environment. 

Posture is important

You can buy the right chair, and place your equipment in the right spots, but lessening the impact of desk sitting on your lower back also comes down to posture. To improve your posture at your desk make sure your computer monitor is at a perfect level with your eyes, keep your upper back positioned flat against the chair back, use a tool to support your lower back if your chair isn’t equipped with one, and keep your feet rested flatly on the floor. Paying close attention to how you sit can do wonders in helping to prevent lower back pain while at the office. 

Find a chiropractor in your neighborhood

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to make your workspace as supportive as possible, and you’re still suffering from lower back pain, it’s time to find a reputable chiropractor that can help to ease the pain. A chiropractor can offer topical pain relief, tens treatments, spinal traction, orthotic pillows, Kinesio tape, custom orthotics, and spinal adjustments to help combat the effects of prolonged sitting on the lower back. Put an end to the pain today and book a consultation with a chiropractor to learn more about the many ways they can help you to live better.

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