Do you suffer from back pain and are you desperate for relief? When pain medications and general medical advice from your family doctor just aren’t cutting it, and you’re tired of the pain, a chiropractor is a provider that you should consider seeing. More than 60 percent of adults head to the chiropractor for help with health concerns and chronic pain, and a large portion of those patients report great success and relief after a chiropractic adjustment or spinal traction treatment. Here’s what you should know. 

What is it? 

Spinal compression or back pain caused by a compressed spine can be caused by arthritis, injury, degenerative diseases, ruptured discs, and many other reasons. Spinal traction is a chiropractic adjustment used to treat spinal decompression. During this treatment, the spine is gently stretched removing pressure from the discs, nerves, and other parts of your spine which helps to promote healing in the affected areas. 

What does it treat?

Spinal traction is considered to be a successful treatment method in the medical community with one published study claiming that many patients reported being pain-free even two years after their traction treatment. It’s best suited for injuries to or chronic degeneration of all or parts of the spine, and especially with patients suffering from herniated or bulging discs. It’s even been found to be an effective treatment for migraines and headaches since it releases tension between discs in the neck.  

What patients say

Many patients report success when it comes to spinal traction. In fact, a majority of patients report being pain free for an extended period of time without the aid of pain medications and with minimal follow up chiropractic adjustments. It has proven to be an effective, painless treatment method, is an alternative to invasive surgery, addresses underlying problems that might be causing the root pain, and reduces pain felt in the near and short term.  

Finding a chiropractor Glendale

Don’t suffer with back pain for one more minute. Now is the time to find a chiropractor Glendale you to discuss the treatment options that are available to you to get you on the road to recovery and a life without pain. Ask your friends and family for recommendations on a practitioner that you can trust, and do a bit of research on their practice philosophies before you call to test how much they align with your own thoughts on healing and wellness.