More than 33 million Americans have sought the help of a chiropractor in the last 12 months according to a recent poll. These highly trained medical providers can help with a number of physical issues from chronic pain to depression. Here are four specific reasons that might signal that it’s time to find a chiropractor

Back and neck pain 

Back and neck pain is the bread and butter of the chiropractic field. Providers help to alleviate pain in these parts of the body by realigning the spine through a series of adjustments. The majority of patients seeking these kinds of treatments report immediate improvement in their condition and the pain they’re experiencing. Repeated adjustments can reduce pain in the pack and neck for the long term and make this health condition a common reason to find a chiropractor near me.  

Help with headaches

Most headaches are one of two types—tension or caused by pain radiating from the neck. A chiropractor can help with both types and treatments actually reduce the suffering associated with these kinds of headaches. Common ways that they treat headaches is with manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, other treatment modalities like acupuncture, lifestyle changes, and more.  

Stress and anxiety

Many patients who regularly experience stress and anxiety can benefit from regular visits to a chiropractor. Chiropractic manipulations have been shown to reduce blood pressure in patients, adjusts the spine, and the circulation of hormones that help with a positive outlook encourages relaxation, and helps you sleep better. All of those things combined improve an overall sense of health and well being.  

Overall health and wellbeing

Overall health and wellbeing is a common goal that most people have. Typically, that isn’t achieved with just one kind of provider. Adding a chiropractor to your health care regime will go a long way to bringing you one step closer to that goal.