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Glendale Chiropractor, Dr. John Brockway, DC is a chiropractor who cares. He provides the compassionate care you need at a price you can afford for Glendale and the surrounding Denver area. Our specialties are whiplash related injuries and pain conditions, utilizing the Pain Neutralization Technique to literally turn off pain associated with latent trigger points. We also offer massage, nutritional counseling, and vitamin supplements. It is our firm conviction and observation that if you equip the body with the tools it needs in the form of proper nutrition, exercise and chiropractic adjustments, that people lead a healthier and happier life. Schedule a free, half-hour no obligation consultation to discuss your health needs and concerns, verify insurance benefits and find out how we may be able to help you. We look forward to helping you, your friends, family, and loved ones soon.
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I had right wrist pain that would come and go, but at one point it was persistent and severe for about 1 week. I was unable to move my wrist, hand, or fingers without sharp pain in the wrist joint and throbbing pain that radiated down into my hand. After treatment by Dr. John and doing his prescribed homework there was only minimal improvement initially, but it improved steadily over the next 2 days. On the morning of the 3rd day, to my surprise it was as if my wrist had never hurt. I moved and stretched my wrist and hand and could not make it hurt, and it’s been completely pain free ever since!

Erin M. Fassl Denver, CO

I had trouble sleeping, and sitting for long periods of time [Low Back Pain, 6 months duration]. It affected my day to day quality of life. After Dr. Brockway’s treatments I felt much better almost immediately.

Monica Pina Denver, CO

I had neck and upper back pain of nearly one year’s time with tightness and generalized discomfort. These also caused me to experience numbness into my left forearm. After Dr. Brockway’s treatments, the pain and discomfort were greatly diminished. I also experienced increase sensation and less numbness into my left forearm.

Kim Black Denver, CO

My lower back and left leg were in pain. My sciatic nerve was tweaked and I had trouble standing up & walking after sitting for any length of time. I tried changing shoes, sleeping habits, etc without relief. I finally had enough and called Dr. Brockway. I was feeling better after 3 treatments. By the 6th treatment I was easily 95% better. By the last treatment I was virtually pain and stiffness free. Thank you so much!

Jeff McCleary Denver, CO

I injured my left shoulder and back about 3 weeks ago. I had done the normal adjustments and pain relief in the past and was feeling a bit better. Then after a game of golf and a sleepless night I had the experience with Dr. Brockway performing a technique that absolutlely remedied the pain. What impressed me is the light touch can provide such significant improvement.

Brian Meine Denver, CO

These are good people. Dr. John Brockway is a gifted young man. He is thorough, knowledgeable and gentle. The adjustment did not take long, maybe, a half hour or so. I nearly fell asleep on his table. My pain is mostly gone and my range of motion is more than 90% improved. -Could not believe it.

Kathleen Cole Denver, CO

I’ve had multiple motor vehicle accidents that have resulted in chronic low back pain. Through Dr. Brockway’s treatments and recommendations, I have experienced a lot of relief. May God bless you and continue to use your gift of healing in helping people in need.

Terrall Thompson Denver, CO

I was involved in an auto accident in February of 2010 and I had some residual neck pain from the accident. I was very impressed with Dr. John. Having never seen a chiropractor before, I was somewhat nervous and did not know what to expect. My worries were eased when Dr. John explained why I was having neck pain/stiffness and he outlined a detailed plan of action. After just a few treatments, I started experiencing relief. A short time later, the pain was gone and I have not had any neck pain since.

Justin Stanforth Denver, CO