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Kinesio Tape was invented by a Japanese chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase in the late 1970s to help support and strengthen the body’s natural healing properties.

Kinesio Tape works great for helping to heal common injuries. The taping lifts the skin off of the muscles slightly. This has the effect of increasing blood flow and lymph flow to the applied areas. Increased blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen delivery, as well as increased lymph drainage. This also has the effect of helping remove Lactic Acid to promote healing. When applied to joints, the tape creates a gap between them. The gap may not be large but it is sufficient to relieve the joints of the pressure and pain they feel. When the muscles are compressed by the tape, so are the nerves, this results in an alteration to the signals your brain receives from them thus reducing your pain. This is why we recommend it for back pain relief in Glendale.

Benefits Include:

There are many great reasons for using kinesiology taping for lower back pain relief in Glendale.

Reduces Pain – by prompting the body to release it’s natural pain-relieving chemicals, endorphins and enkephalins, which relieve body pain naturally

Helps Adjustments Hold – by gently reinforcing the area it’s applied on

Reduces Swelling – by improving lymphatic flow

Reduces Muscle Spasm – by reducing muscle fatigue and over contraction

Kinesio Tape For Lower Back Pain Relief

As we get older, we become more vulnerable to the effects of pain. This problem is further aggravated by improper postures while sleeping, sitting and standing as people lean the wrong way creating tension in the lower back region. A sedentary lifestyle that has become prevalent has made this a more common problem. Other bone defects, diseases and injuries might cause discomfort in this region as well. This is why we recommend Kinesio Tape for lower back pain relief in Glendale. This tape can be applied to the pelvic region or to the entire lumbar region. The increased blood flow to the spine helps to give you support and relief faster.

Kinesio Tape For Upper Back Pain Relief

We also use Kinesiology Taping for upper back pain relief in Glendale. The neck, in particular, is vulnerable to the strain caused by leaning forward while standing and sleeping. Slouching also affects the upper back, particularly the shoulders. Carrying heavy objects in your backpack or hauling luggage on work commutes can also aggravate this problem.

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